Three Major Retirement Mistakes That Drain Your Savings and How to Protect Against Them

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Welcome to 2021! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and that the new year has started off well for you and your family. We are excited to start the new year together with you and we want to share our article about the Three Major Retirement Mistakes that Americans make and what you can do to protect yourself and your family against them. Further, we want to say Thank You again for all of the donations we received for the ECCO Pantry Drive and then end this post with some quick information about our services and how we can potentially help your family and friends with their financial lives.

Three Major Retirement Mistakes That Drain Your Savings and How to Protect Against Them

Do you want to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes Americans make in their retirement? We help clients steer clear of these pitfalls and have more confidence in their decision making every single day! You can protect yourself from making these mistakes and have more success and happiness in your life. Please read our article to find out more details about what the following mistakes entail and how to avoid them:




You may think that you have already addressed these issues. After all, the 3 big mistakes seem common knowledge, but our experience shows that most people have not adequately protected themselves against them. Please click here to read more.

ECCO Pantry Drive Thank You!

James Palmer dropping off donations at ECCO!

James Palmer dropping off donations at ECCO!

We also wanted to say Thank You one more time to all of you who donated items or money to our ECCO Holiday Pantry Drive. We have received very positive feedback from those of you who participated in our drive, or through other ECCO initiatives, as well as from ECCO itself – they are very grateful for any and all donations they receive. We intend to run our 3rd Annual Holiday Drive again later this year – keep an eye out for it!

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As always, if you have friends and family that you think may benefit from our financial planning perspective during these challenging times, please feel free to pass along our contact information for them to schedule a meeting with us. You can also direct them to this link to schedule an appointment. Or better yet, send their contact information to us, after you have spoken to them, and we will reach out to them directly.

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