We are offering retirement speaking engagements again!

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If you own a company or run an HR department, you know how important retirement planning is for you and your employees. Most likely you have a retirement savings plan in place for your team, but you do not have the tools or the time to continually educate and provide the support necessary for your valued employees to properly plan for retirement.

Furthermore, financial presentations often leave participants bored, checking out, or falling asleep. And yet, you know that the information is valuable and life-changing for your audience. The solution is Jamie Runey.

Jamie is a recognized leader in the wealth management community and brings a passion to the subject that keeps your audience laughing and filling their notebooks with information. He speaks to hundreds of people each year and primarily covers retirement planning topics. Our Lunch & Learn Speaking Menu items consist of 30 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of Q&A, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Lunch & Learn Menu:

  • What Does Retirement Look Like?
  • Get More Out of Your Investments and Pay Less in Taxes
  • Make a Plan to Reach Your Goals and Keep It Up-To-Date
  • Be Prepared When Things Go Wrong
  • Insurance – Protect Yourself From Rising Medical Costs
  • Estate Planning – Take Care of Those You Love

If this sounds like something you would like to offer your employees or another group of individuals, please reach out to Linda Runey at 843-654-1211 or lruney@raawealth.com.

James Runey Retirement Speaking Engagements Speaker at Retirement Planning Firm Runey & Associates Wealth Management.

To learn more about having Jamie at your next corporate event, lunch and learn or company function, complete the retirement speaking engagement contact form below. His entertaining, educational style will have your audience remembering the content for years to come. 

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