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Runey & Associates Wealth Management is a financial advisor located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina providing financial planning and investment management services and solutions for retirees and pre-retirees. Let us help you find joy in retirement spending.

How Well Are You Using Your Money to Improve Your Life? 

Are You Getting the Best Life Possible with Your Money?

You have spent a lifetime building wealth. Now you are at a critical point as you pursue your dreams outside of your working career. This is a time when making the wrong decisions could destroy a lifetime of diligent savings. For many, if you do not change your current course, you could lose much of your wealth – wealth that took decades to build.

You know you need to do something, but you have put it off, or maybe you have been unsure of where to start.

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Wealth Management!

We provide wealth management and financial planning strategies so that you can withdraw from your nest egg as needed, while still preserving your hard-earned wealth. We are a fee-only fiduciary firm. We also teach courses covering financial topics critical to retirement.

A small investment of your time could make a big positive change in your life.

Take this short questionnaire to find out how much risk you could handle to fund your retirement goals. 

We will tell you if your portfolio matches that risk level and why it is important to your retirement success that it does!

Take Charge of Your Financial Life!

We provide you with the freedom you seek to enjoy your retirement years. Spend time living your life with family and friends and let us handle your financial situation; let us help you retire on your terms. Runey & Associates Wealth Management is your financial advisor and wealth management firm in Mount Pleasant, SC and Charleston, SC.

Do you want to wipe out your retirement anxiety? 

  • Afraid of outliving your money?

  • Not sure how to protect the wealth you spent a lifetime building?

  • Wondering if you have enough to finally retire?

Are you someone who is...

  • Worried that your portfolio could lose half of its worth in the next downturn?

  • Overwhelmed with the seemingly infinite financial decisions on the horizon?

  • Tired of managing the finances on your own?

Perhaps you are one of those who is...

  • Not happy with your current advisor?

  • Anxious to have better conversations with your spouse about money?

  • Searching for a financial plan?

How Wonderful Would Your Life be if You Put an End to These Concerns? 

You take your financial life seriously. Be the one that makes wise decisions to protect you and your family for years to come!

You may be someone who would enjoy the benefits of working with an advisor if you want the following:

  • Organization

    We help bring order to your financial life.

  • Accountability

    We help you follow through on your commitments based on your own best intentions.

  • Objectivity

    We bring insights from the outside world to help you avoid emotional decisions.

  • Proactivity

We help you anticipate financial life transitions and be prepared for them. It is better to prepare than to repair!

  • Education

We will provide you with the knowledge that you need to deal with your unique situation.

  • Partnership

    We are here to work in concert with you.

  • Portfolio Paycheck

    We help you create a regular paycheck from your portfolio.