Runey & Associates Wealth Management in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina offers speaking engagements on financial topics, such as retirement strategies, latest financial trends, when can I retire, cash flow planning, fear of losing my money, how do I choose a financial advisor, tax strategies, estate planning, active vs. passive investing, portfolio diversification, asset allocation, RMD's (required minimum distributions)...Hire Jamie Runey for your next speaking engagement in Charleston, SC.  

Speaking Engagements

If you want your audience to fill their notebooks and laugh in the process - hire Jamie to speak at your event. Your people will remember the event for years to come. 

Jamie is a widely recognized leader in the wealth management community and speaks to 100s of people each year, through his retirement classes or through presentations on the latest financial trends and how they effect you and your family - anything from: 

  • "How to unwind the financial obligations or your parents" to, 
  • "The five biggest mistakes empty-nesters make." 

So, whether you are hosting a corporate event, looking to fill a lunch and learn role at your company, or wanting to provide some entertaining communication to your community group, we can help. 


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