Why Markets Work

“It isn’t all over; everything has not been invented; the human adventure is just beginning.” — Gene Roddenberry

There is one indisputable thing about investing that we have all been reminded of over the past couple of months: markets will go up and down.

When they head south, you may feel a twinge of doubt surrounding your investment plan and even about the markets themselves. The reality is, there is nothing any of us can do to control the markets, so instead of worrying, be optimistic that, historically, markets have tended to reward patient, long-term investors.

The world will keep turning, and people and companies are continually in need of groundbreaking goods and services, and in the long run, we believe that investing the way we do is the right way to help build a financial legacy for you and your family.

Why Markets Work (Video)

Coffee Bean Graph Illustration

This video about the humble coffee bean’s journey from cultivation to brewing provides a great lesson about capitalism and human innovation, as well as a reminder for every investor of why markets work. You may come away thinking differently about your morning cup of coffee.

Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory Reflects on his Investment Experience

Dave Goetsch

The recent market volatility may have conjured up unpleasant memories from “The Great Recession,” but Dave Goetsch, Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory, shares how he was determined to learn from his mistakes, embrace his long-term investment plan, and change his perspective about investing.

10 Things You Must Know About Your Credit Score

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Understanding your credit score can make a big difference for you as a consumer. Here are key factors to know about your credit score, how it is used, and some tips to help enhance it. (Click on Story Continues at the bottom of the page if you do not see all 10 items listed.)