Retirement Courses

We give people the confidence to make wise financial decisions for their future. Many people know they need to take action to secure a sound financial future, but simply put it off because they lack confidence when it comes to money and planning for the future. And let’s face it... The world of finances, investing, and retirement is constantly changing.

That is why we at Runey & Associates Wealth Management teach retirement classes through the The Citadel Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business. 

Runey & Associates Wealth Management in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina teaches retirement courses at The Citadel Baker School of Business in Charleston, SC. We cover topics like: when can I retire, cash flow planning, fear of losing my money, how do I choose a financial advisor, tax strategies, estate planning, active vs. passive investing, portfolio diversification, asset allocation, RMD's (required minimum distributions)...

Our classes give you the resources you need to make your financial life better in retirement.

It is a shame for you not to be happy in retirement. 

Our goal is to help you find the joy that lies hidden in retirement spending. Our classes are specifically geared towards those who want a stress-free retirement. We give you the information to help you have peace of mind about your finances so that you can get back to focusing on what’s most important...enjoying life!