Money or Time – Which One Would You Choose?

Would You Choose Money or Time?

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.” — Henry Ward Beecher

Money or time? If you could have more of one, which would you choose? (No, you cannot answer “both!”:-))

If you often feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it, we welcome you to read the “Would You Rather Have More Time or More Money” article. It shows how “buying more time” may help improve your mood.

In this post we also want to highlight our unique client process, which we refer to as “The RAA Difference”, as well as introduce you to a new section of our newsletter: Retire On Your Terms Visual Insights.

Would You Rather Have More Time or More Money?

Would You Rather Have More Time or Money?

“Time famine” is the pervasive feeling of being overwhelmed with the demands of work and life. This article offers suggestions on how you may be able to decrease that feeling. Who do you think reports greater happiness: those who value time more, or those who value money more? The answer may surprise you.

“The RAA Difference”: If You Want a Stress-Free Retirement, Think About These Questions

Investment Management Through Financial Planning Plan

Why have you been saving? To have enough money to do what you want, when you want, with whom you choose, at your pace.

What is a successful retirement? Having enough purpose to get up in the morning and enough money to sleep at night.

“The RAA difference” can help you answer these questions. If you are not already a client of ours, we invite you to take a look at our website to read about our unique client process; “The RAA Difference”. If you are already a client and feel that this information may be beneficial to someone that you know, please feel free to pass this letter or the link to the website along to them. We would welcome the opportunity to speak to them in person.

Retire On Your Terms Visual Insights: Can You Protect Your Portfolio From the Next Crisis?

Protecting Your Money from the Next Financial Crisis

Lastly, we have introduced a new and exciting newsletter: Retire On Your Terms Visual Insights. This newsletter is communicated via e-mail and social media and it is sent from a new service that we use. The sender of the e-mail is James B. Runey III. We want to point this out to make sure you are aware that these new e-mails will be coming your way and that they are safe to open.

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