Case Study – Retired

Natalie is 65 and lives in Daniel Island. She recently retired after saving and investing her whole career. Now, she wants to enjoy life without the anxiety of managing money, so she is looking for expertise on how to oversee what she’s grown. She needs to know how much money she can take out to create a sustainable long-term plan.

Creating a Portfolio Paycheck:

  • Natalie has always been a good saver and invested in her portfolio throughout her life.
  • She recently retired and wants to know how to take money out of her portfolio on a regular basis so she can support her lifestyle and do the things she has always dreamed of doing, such as travel. 

Found RAA Through:

  • One of Our Retirement Classes

Retirement Concerns:

  • How do I spend on things I enjoy, such as travel, without anxiety about running out of money?
  • How much do I invest and how much do I keep in cash?
  • How do I minimize taxes while I am taking money out of my portfolio?


  • Achieve reasonable investment returns while taking money out.
  • Protect my money if anything happens to me that forces me to use more than I anticipated.
  • Work with competent and compassionate professionals who care about me and communicate so that I can understand and trust them.


  • Put a plan in place to perform a series of partial Roth conversions to lower future taxes.
  • Designed her portfolio to create a monthly paycheck while keeping up with rising costs and protecting principal for emergency needs.
  • Defined easy-to-understand spending levels that provide the freedom for her to use her money however she wants in a smart and efficient manner.
Financial planning case study about how to plan when you are Retired by Runey & Associates Wealth Management.


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