Case Study – Thinking About Retirement

Deborah and Douglas from Mount Pleasant are thinking about retirement and need help to assess their goal of retiring in four years. Douglas is 54, and Deborah is 49, and they both have successful careers. They’re curious about the type of lifestyle they can have if they stop working. They also need to know how to protect themselves from unforeseen events if they give up regular paychecks. 

Protect Your Retirement Goals – Retire on Your Terms

  • Douglas is an Engineer who has worked his way up through his company over the years.
  • Deborah is a successful Real Estate Agent.
  • They want to know if they can retire on their timeline and what their retirement lifestyle may look like!

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Concerns when thinking about retirement:

  • Is early retirement in four years feasible?
  • If so, how much can we spend and maintain our lifestyle?
  • If we make this decision, how do we protect ourselves if something bad happens?


  • Work with experts who have respected credentials and backgrounds.
  • Understand the steps needed to retire on our terms.
  • Form a partnership with someone who is readily accessible, understands us, and gives advice that is in our best interest to help us reach our goals!


  • Built an interactive plan that paints a picture of what retirement could be and outlines the steps needed to make that dream happen.
  • Answered critical questions about Social Security timing, taxes, estate planning, protection against unforeseen events, and safe spending levels.
  • Gave them the confidence they have a partner to help them make wise decisions in their ever-changing financial lives!
Thinking About Retirement. Financial Planning Case Study by Runey & Associates Wealth Management.


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