It is all about Family!

Hello Friends!

School is in full swing, football season has started (Go Gamecocks!) and it is time to start getting ready for all of the fun activities fall brings. We are talking about Halloween costumes, what food to eat at Thanksgiving, where to get pumpkins, what places to visit to pick apples or look at the leaves turning colors, etc. A common theme among these activities and holidays is that they often bring families together.

Our post this time is therefore centered around family and various topics that we believe are of interest from a family perspective: A fascinating article about Family History by our own James Palmer, an Estate Planning needs check list to make sure you and your family stay current with your plan, a link to our RAA Difference planning process centered around you and your family needs, and we end with a family fall fun activities list. Enjoy!

Sharing Your Family History - All I had to do was ask!

James Palmer’s relative, A.T. Cole, with the famous Charles Goodnight!

James Palmer’s relative, A.T. Cole, with the famous Charles Goodnight!

Our Associate Financial Advisor, James Palmer, has put together a fascinating article about his Family History and how he learned a lot about his family that was new to him - all he had to do was ask! Click here to read all about it, find out what interesting facts he learned about his heritage and also how you could do this yourself!

Estate Planning needs for YOU and YOUR Family

Speaking of asking - we invite you to periodically review your and your family’s estate planning needs: Are there changes to your personal or family circumstances? Do you and your family have new estate planning needs? Have you been thinking about creating or updating your wills? Do you need to update your beneficiaries? This article discusses estate planning needs in a checklist format that is easy to follow and we would be happy to help you identify your areas of concern and also help you address them. We want to help make sure you and your family are comfortable with your situation should anything unexpected occur.

The RAA Difference - Financial Planning and Investment Management centered around YOU and YOUR Family

Market uncertainty is another concern we all share. Volatility is always going to be a force in the financial markets that we have to learn to deal with. As you near retirement it is important to create a plan to help guide you through the emotional turbulence that may occur during highly volatile times. Our planning process - The RAA Difference - will help you identify your risk tolerance and also help reduce your anxiety levels in turbulent times. As a fee-only fiduciary we create YOUR plan with YOU and YOUR family in mind. We invite you to check out our RAA Difference process chart here, and please share this link with those you believe would also benefit from our financial planning and investment management approach - centered around YOU and YOUR family.

Family Fall Fun Activities 

Lastly, we would like to end with a list of Family Fall Fun activities if you are so inclined. Many of these can be enjoyed as a family and perhaps one or two will appeal to you and yours!

I am sure that we will do a few of these in the upcoming weeks (hayride, trick-or-treating, make and eat chili, soccer games and more…)!

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