A Candy Portfolio & More

Imagine eating the same thing every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Sounds awful, unless you’re a toddler.) Your diet is much like your portfolio — you need some variety. The “Skittles Chart” below shows the power of diversification and how having a balanced, globally-diversified portfolio can help you stay on track toward your goals. Check it out here: 

Smart Diversification Can Help You Stay On Track

The Long Run For Investing Is Longer Than You Might Think

We talk a lot about taking a long-term view with investing, but how long is long term? While five years may seem like a long time in politics, sports and education, five years in the stock market is considered short-term investing as this article details.


How To Help Your Parents Protect Their Money

We also look at how to protect your older parents or loved ones from financial fraud by having thoughtful conversations about safeguarding their assets. Check out this article for 7 strategies to protect your parents' money.

Latte Factor Calculator

Finally, do you keep track of little daily expenditures? It’s shocking to see how the “little things” in life can add up! See how you can give yourself a raise by being more mindful of your “Latte Factor.”


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