A Little Summer Fun

We hope you are enjoying your summer and that you are able to take advantage of the beautiful weather with days spent by the water, catching some rays. With summer in full swing we wanted to keep our blog post fun and entertaining!

  • Runey Family Trip to Sweden and Denmark

  • New Office Location Reminder and New Photos

  • 25 Best Places to Retire in 2019

We have moved! From West to East, Temporary vs. Permanent Loss, and Nighttime at the Museum

Happy Summer! We are excited to share the news that we have moved into our new office location at 761 Coleman Blvd., Suite E in Mt. Pleasant, SC. We look forward to meeting with you in our new office next time! We also want to share an article by our Associate Financial Planner, James Palmer, about his move from West to East to end up in Mt. Pleasant, an article about not turning a temporary loss into a permanent decline, and share some pictures from our family outing at Nighttime at the Museum.

Book Review, Office Update, Misleading Average Returns, and A Guide to Starting Family Financial Conversations

Spring time can be a busy time of year, so we invite you to take a short break and enjoy our blog post for a few minutes.

This time we have included a book review by Jamie Runey, a short update on our new office construction, an interesting analogy between average temperatures and average market returns, and lastly a guide to help families start financial conversations.

New Office Construction, A New Keys to Exceptional Retirement Class, and A Field Trip!

Hello Spring! We are all excited to see the signs of spring, renewal, and change, and we at Runey & Associates Wealth Management also have some exciting developments to share with you!

  • Runey & Associates Wealth Management New Office Construction

  • A New Keys To Exceptional Retirement Class

  • A Field Trip to visit The Center for Birds of Prey

  • 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Spring!

Stick to Your Long-Term Plan, Reduce Internet Costs, and Spring Cleaning!

Sticking to your Long-Term plan is not always easy during turbulent markets - so a big congratulations to you for being able to stay the course! Please see the article about how being able to predict market surprises has little or no impact on your long-term returns. We also take a look at how you can cut your internet expenses and how to get your garden ready for spring!

Thank You and New Employee Announcement!

We have a lot to cover in this blog - Enjoy!!

  • Thank You to our Keys to Exceptional Retirement Class Participants

  • Welcome to the RAA Team, James Palmer!

  • Investing Lessons from 2018

  • Educate Yourself on being a Caregiver

  • Best Credit Card for Travelers? Probably Not One from an Airline

  • 8 free — or Almost Free — Valentine's Day Ideas

Happy New Year and Valuable Tips for Making 2019 Great!

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? The 10 guidelines article may help you improve your chances for succeeding. Updating your estate plan may be one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. If you have thought about making your home “smarter,” you will want to read this summary of some of the new tech, including virtual voice assistants, thermostats, and lighting and whether they make practical and economic sense to buy. Sometimes, what we DO NOT do is as important as what we DO. Let’s resolve to never make these seven investing mistakes, especially when markets are volatile!

Help a friend or family member - tell them about our Keys to Exceptional Retirement Class!

Happy Holidays from Runey & Associates

We all have different ways of celebrating the holidays, but one thing almost all of us have in common is the giving of gifts. See the article on how to give a great gift: “It’s the thought that counts” applies to much more than gift giving. Also read about how reframing our thoughts about money may ultimately help us become better at managing what we have and reaching our goals. Do you have old phones or laptops you are not sure what to do with? Find out how to sell or donate them. Now, let’s talk about the stock market for a moment … we encourage you to ignore the headlines, and remind you that we are in this for the long run.

Why Giving Really is Better than Receiving

We are all familiar with the adage that it is better to give than to receive, but recent studies have found that giving can actually improve your health, help you live longer, and increase your happiness. Click to read our articles on the health benefits of altruism, how your donations to disaster relief really do help those impacted by natural disasters, what principles we can use from the millionaire next door, and a video about staying the course in the face of recent market volatility.

Money or Time - Which One Would You Choose?

Money or time? If you could have more of one, which would you choose? (No, you cannot answer “both!”:-)) We welcome you to read the “Would You Rather Have More Time or More Money” article to find out how “buying more time” may help improve your mood. In this post we also highlight our unique client process, which we refer to as “The RAA Difference”, as well as introduce you to a new section of our newsletter: Retire On Your Terms Visual Insights.

Can You Protect Your Portfolio From the Next Crisis?

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, and geopolitical standoffs with nations like North Korea and Iran, are all part of today’s world and they can affect markets in unpredictable ways.

Is there anything you can do to protect your portfolio?

Find out in this issue of the Retire On Your Terms Visual Insights Newsletter.

4 Keys to Achieving Happiness and Success

Our post today shares 4 interesting articles about achieving happiness and success: 1. Don’t get distracted by the “next hot thing” featuring Warren Buffet and Jay-Z. 2. 5 Tips for Better Decision Making: How psychology and behavioral economics can help us tame the biases that can sabotage good decision-making. 3. 4 Ways Couples can Tackle Money Goals Together, and 4. 7 tips for your child/grandchild to make a smooth transition to college.

Happy 4th of July! Is Your Tax House In Order?

What does freedom mean to you? Understanding the recent income tax changes may help in achieving financial freedom - please see the 1) article featuring the IRS Tax Calculator, which will help with proper withholdings. This post also features articles regarding 2) Diversification (and a comparison vs. NBA teams), 3) Money Saving Tips for Summer, and 4) Camping ideas.

Money Tips for New Graduates

Being open to new experiences can open up new possibilities. And favoring the familiar doesn’t always serve you well when it comes to your portfolio. See the articles about 1) global stock return rankings, 2) the perils of trying to avoid the worst days in the stock market, 3) money tips for recent graduates, and 4) 25 essential drives for a U.S. road trip.

Enjoying and Caring for Family and Friends

Summer is approaching quickly and we are looking forward to warm days outside, celebrations, and relaxing vacations - we hope you are too! Yes, there are still stock market volatility headlines, but since you know your long-term plan was designed to weather these short-term storms, you can focus your attention on other important things: like family.

Why Markets Work

There is one indisputable thing about investing that we have all been reminded of over the past couple of months: markets will go up and down. When they head south, you may feel a twinge of doubt surrounding your investment plan and even about the markets themselves. The reality is, there is nothing any of us can do to control the markets, so instead of worrying, be optimistic that, historically, markets have tended to reward patient, long-term investors. The world will keep turning…

3 Common Investing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Over the last month or so the stock market has had a lot in common with the classic Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island: lots of bumpy ups and downs, stomach-churning moments, and unpredictability (and all without the cotton candy). We have compiled some pertinent articles relating to the emotions of these ups and downs...

Feeling the Love?

With last week's market volatility we want to reiterate our strategy of staying the course with your investments. We had several conversations with our clients last week to remind them that volatility is a normal part of the market cycles and also to give them the continued confidence that they are doing the right things. If you have a friend or a family member who you think could benefit from the same high level of professional advice we would encourage you to have them contact us to see if we can help.